A new journey begins, from Ourly to Wallit

A new journey begins, from Ourly to Wallit

Dear Ourly clients, customers, partners and friends,

We’ve recently embarked on a rebrand to better reflect our future plans.

The new brand name is Wallit.

When you message our team in future, we’ll respond as Wallit, but nothing else changes if you’re banking with one of bank and credit union clients, you’ll still receive the same level of high-quality support from them and our team.

Over the coming months the app, website, emails and all our social media accounts will roll over to the new brand with no interruption to service.

We’re excited about this new brand and a number of new partnerships, including an investment from Boston-based Mendoza Ventures, an exciting pre-seed venture capital firm with a focus on FinTech.

Wallit has all the features of Ourly, but many more improvements.  Here are some of the notable features our users enjoy:

  • Dashboard that gives you and your teens real-time, high-level access to help manage your financial related activity;

  • Allowance manager and task scheduler to help you to automate and manage allowances and chores;

  • Goal planner for you and your kids to set short, medium or long term savings and financial goals;

  • Spending chart for you and your kids to budget and track monthly spending;

  • Account aggregation to connect all of your and your teens banking accounts and to gain easy access to view balance and transaction activity;

  • Money transfer to quickly and easily send money to your kids for allowance, chores, gifts, or for any reason at all;

  • Shopping!  Wallit offers a selection of the top brands in footwear and apparel, dining, cosmetics, gaming, and entertainment from retailers such as Apple to Amazon, Starbucks to Sephora, and Walmart to Target and many more for you and you kids to choose.

To learn more about our plans for the future please visit us at Wallit.

Best regards,

Michael Vien

CEO Wallit