Wallit Partners with ICBA to Strengthen Local Communities During COVID-19 Crisis

Wallit Partners with ICBA to Strengthen Local Communities During COVID-19 Crisis

Community banks are different. Locally owned and operated, they’re personal, committed, and responsive to the needs of their communities. Most importantly, community banks are an integral part of Main Street.

It is these unique and personal relationships community banks create and nurture with local merchants and small businesses that make them essential to the American economy. As local businesses who rely on other local businesses for mutual success, community banks thrive by helping its surrounding community grow and succeed – in good times and bad – by building relationships with customers.

However, many businesses all across the country are closing their doors to customers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Its hard, and it’s going to get harder, particularly for local community businesses for a while.

I’ve never been one to sit on the sidelines. We at Wallit, our founding team, employees, and investors refuse to stand by and watch as our local businesses struggle, restaurants and other food service businesses are especially vulnerable.

Wallit has the ability to strengthen those very important relationships that community banks have with local merchants and small businesses. It is critically important to reinforce and strengthen those relationships at a time like this, when the economy is in the midst of a crisis and local community businesses need help.

Today, we announce a limited-time special offer to help ease the burden and to revitalize and reward shopping at local businesses and with our local bank partners.

Wallit is offering all ICBA member banks a free license to our software through Labor Day. Our solution provides cash-back on debit cards used at local merchants to incentivize local shopping, a powerful opportunity for community banks and local merchants to help their communities recover and sustain themselves.


“Community banks are in a singularly unique position to play a leading role in easing the burden on their communities through meaningful and innovative outreach programs”, Charles Potts, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer for the ICBA


Now, more than at any other time, local businesses must work together to provide reward and incentive programs aimed at driving local economies and small business.

Local relationships, local resources, and local capital helping each other NOW.

Recovering Main Street will take more than just the passage of time. Repairing the fabric of local communities will take active work. ICBA and Wallit are leading this process.

We salute the ICBA and all of our nation’s community banks. We appreciate their efforts to keep their communities thriving and their downtown areas vibrant.

The health, safety and welfare of our Wallit community, including customers, merchants, and employees is, and will always be, our number one priority.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. America is built on the strength of the local community and it will survive and thrive!


Mike Vien

co-founder, CEO

If you are interested in learning more about enriching your communities and fostering economic development and growth of small businesses, please visit us at: www.wallit.app