Acquire Customers, Gain Wallet Share

Grow your business while delighting every customer at the point of sale with Wallit.

Customer Acquisition

Wallit is transforming the way retailers and brands connect with consumers, enabling marketers to build deeper relationships with their customers, which drives customers in-store and online to spend more, spend more often, and to refer friends.

No matter what kind of retail business you have, Wallit makes it simple and secure to exceed your marketing goals.

Wallit’s marketing platform promotes your business and the cash back your business is offering to millions of people through push notifications, email, our app and social media.

More than points, credits, or coupons, rewarding your customers with cash back creates a positive experience between your business and you customers.

New customers, larger orders, more trips, and measurable ad spend.

New customers:

Acquire new shoppers at key moments along the path to purchase.

Larger orders:

Increase average order value by rewarding shoppers to spend more on each visit.

More trips:

Lift in transaction frequency and daily spend during active campaigns.

Better tracking:

Close the gap between your advertising spend and your in-store purchases – every dollar is directly attributable to a sale.

Surprise and Delight Your Customers

For Anthony (Restaurant Owner), Wallit means:

“It’s a robust platform designed specifically to augment customer acquisition. I think you’ll agree that [Wallit] is targeting one of our soft-spots, worth engaging, and a no-brainer. Super psyched!”

For Dan (Restaurant Owner), Wallit means:

“Our customers love Wallit. No clipping coupons, or scanning receipts. Just swipe and save!”

For Marla (Restaurant Owner), Wallit means:

“Life saver.  Getting started was a snap and much easier than I anticipated.”

For Steve (EVP Community Bank), Wallit means:

“Truly a business model that is very valuable for merchants and community banks.”

For Andy (VP Credit Union), Wallit means:

“As long as Wallit is around we will scale our budget infinitely. Anyone would be crazy not to.”

For Warren (VP Regional Bank), Wallit means:

“Partnering with Wallit complements our corporate strategy to build a high-performance company.”

Effective Campaigns in 3 Easy Steps:

List your offer for free

Share any product or service for free, from restaurants to scuba diving and anything in between.

Design your campaign

Choose your own schedule, prices, and requirements for your customers. We’re there to help along the way.

Launch and Monitor

Once your offer is live, we work with you to drive traffic to your business. Pay only when customers spend money.

In Store Marketing

Let customers know you accept Wallit right away. They’ll thank you for it
by buying, buying more, buying more often and telling their friends.

Greet them at the door

Let customers know you
accept Wallit right away

Reward them at checkout

Show them how much you
appreciate their business

Ready to get started?

Wallit is a win-win for you and your customers. Create your account, publish an offer and be live in a matter of minutes.  You’ll gain an immediate competitive edge.

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