Work-Life Simplified

Reimagine work and the employee experience
by putting “people first, employees second”


Employers fund their teams’ wellness wallets with the freedom to choose what works best for them to make their lives better in the new remote and flexible working model.


Wallit radically improves employee wellness.

The way we’re working isn’t working. Employee rewards and recognition hasn’t changed in decades. It’s time. Wallit radically improves employee wellness to increase engagement, productivity, retention and satisfaction. That’s what we call “Everyone shines”.


Meet people where they are

Create a flexible, centralized, and automated wellness program to increase the well-being and productivity of your company with Wallit. Wallit helps companies support their workforce through personalized wellness benefits for all employees, regardless of location.

Getting started is easy...for Companies

Select your benefit categories

Pick categories that best fit your company culture and preferences to keep your teams happy, healthy, and energized.

Set a monthly allowance

Your team use their existing debit card so it’s super easy for everyone.

Invite your team

Give your team the flexibility to choose the wellness and lifestyle options that work for them.

Getting started is easy...for Employees

Connect your debit card

Sign up and connect your checking account to link your debit card.

Shop, dine and play

Use your card at checkout in-store and online like you normally do.

That's it, start smiling!

Wallit works with every retailer everywhere. Money is added to your Wallit balance automatically.


We’re serious about security and protecting you


We don’t sell your data

Wallit is committed to consumer privacy. We never have and we never will sell your data to businesses or third parties. Period.


We don’t store your card

All banking account information is stored with the leading banking vault Plaid (a service that connects consumers with their bank accounts worldwide, and covers all banks and credit unions in the U.S.) via their highly secure tokenization and vaulting systems. Plaid tokenizes and encrypts sensitive data, which keeps data protected even in the event of a database compromise


Wallit is secure

We use bank-level security (256-bit encryption) to ensure your information is safe and secure. We use Multi-Factor, Two-Factor Authentication, and facial recognition to prevent unauthorized access, so your wallet is safe.

The path to wellness
starts with Wallit