Spend less time and money

Upgrade manual, time-consuming workflows for HR, finance and accounting to deliver a better benefits and payment experience for you and your people with Wallit.


Your All-in-One Solution

Enhance Team Benefits, Simplify Company Administration

With five generations in the workforce, Wallit introduces the first self-directed digital wallet for employee benefits, insurance, rewards, and expenses. Embrace the 24/7 access your employees crave and foster diversity and inclusion through our open marketplace model, allowing them to choose what suits them best.

Real-time reimbursements

Reimbursing expenses in real-time will not only eliminate your people having to wait to get paid back, Wallit reduces the amount of manual work and will cut your monthly time-to-close in more than half.

Our card-linked technology automatically reimburses purchases on the same day instead of waiting for weeks and wasting time processing expense reports. Wallit works in the background, so you don’t have to.

HR & Finance Automation

“Wallit is probably one of the best and easiest to use solutions for streamlining disjointed payment operations across every department within the company I’ve ever seen and I’ve used everything from Expensify, Concur, to NetSuite. This is just amazing.”

– Jon PCFO, Managing Director, HR & Business Operations

Key results from our customers



Wallit customers reduce costs on benefits, rewards, and expense reimbursements.


Time Reduction:

Wallit customers slash their time spent on benefits, rewards, and expense reimbursements.

20 hrs/wk

Faster Closures:

Wallit customers expedite month-end closings with real-time reimbursements.



Wallit customers achieve higher average utilization rates and an enhanced employee experience.


Internal customer data

What customers and partners are saying

“Wallit is amazing! It is such an essential tool for any company looking for a solution to make remote work a positive experience and hybrid work a desirable model over the long term.”

Kate ForsterCulture Manager, Caliber Corporate

“My favorite thing about Wallit is the flexibility it offers. Wellness means something different to everyone so choice and control are key”

Dave KerriganCEO, Benefitpitch

“Wallit immediately improved employee moral...making everyone feel connected and appreciated. It's so easy to use and has made a huge impact”

Seyrel WilliamsOwner, Lexicon Gallery and Studios

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