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We believe families deserve a better experience.

Wallit® is a free app that makes saving rewarding.  Wallit is in a very unique position to completely reinvent the consumer shopping and finance.  We’re working with leading financial organizations, brands and retailers to improve the banking and shopping experience by incentivizing you and your family to achieve your personal savings goals.

We help savers

“Like so many middle-class families, living paycheck to paycheck, saving money is a big deal to me and my husband.  We try to save as much as we can, but making ends meet while saving for college and retirement can be a struggle and a compromise.  We love that there is finally a tool that our whole family can use to manage and save money.” – Julie T

Make money while saving and shopping every day

It’s no joke – simply pay with your existing debit card and get cash back!  With Wallit’s full range of capabilities you now can pay or request payment from friends and family, automate your budget and available spending balance, and best of all automate cash back on purchases with select merchants. Cha-ching!

We don't charge fees or interest and we don't sell ads or your data

We make money by charging financial organizations and brands to help them attract and engage loyal customers. We believe in financial services that help people save money and put money in consumer’s pocket.  We’ve built our entire business around this principle.

We don’tSell adsSell dataCharge fees

Automate allowances, saving, and spending

Not just for adults, Wallit helps automate everyday money needs for families with teens like automating allowances, setting chores, establishing savings goals, and tracking spending. Give yourself and your teens the tools they need to achieve your financial goals.

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