Wallit is rewards-based financial wellness platform and free digital savings app.  We created Wallit to solve for two wide-spread, pervasive and growing societal challenges:

  • Nearly 80% of the U.S. workforce lives paycheck to paycheck,
  • Almost 50% of American households do not have $400 saved up for an emergency

Wallit is designed to help people break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck by promoting financial wellness through rewarding everyday savings.

What’s In A Name?

Your wallet needs a refresh.  You wallet is where you hold your cash, cards, shopping lists, and other items mainly reserved for spending related activities.  But, what if your wallet helped you save.  What if your wallet integrated shopping and purchase intent more organically into the banking experience and you were rewarded by your favorite brands and retailers at peak moments when you were highly motivated on achieving your personal saving and spending goals?

Wallit integrates shopping and purchase intent more organically into the banking experience.  Our users “WALL”+”IT” as a verb, or an action, enabling people to shop, save and spend money to buy something that ideally involves a cash-reward as part of that user experience.  

Wallit is headquartered in Portland, Maine, and is backed by leading Boston-based venture capital firms, including BlueIO and Mendoza Ventures, with financing through a partnership with the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) and the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME).

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