Our Mission & Core Values

Wallit is transforming the way retailers and brands connect with consumers, enabling marketers to build deeper relationships with their customers.  Wallit’s ad platform provides surprise-and-delight moments, rather than unwelcome interruptions, for the benefit of both businesses and people everywhere.

Make work-life balance simpler, more productive and more rewarding

Wallit’s mission is to lighten and enlighten people’s lives by making work-life balance simpler, more productive and more rewarding so everyone has a chance to shine.

Building the ecosystem
for workplace wellness

Wallit’s three-sided marketplace connects employers, merchants and consumers with automatic cash-back for reimbursement of employee expenses for grocery, dining, health and fitness, learning and development and other related wellness purchases.

Who we are and
how to join us

We live by our mission, and lightening and enlightening people’s work and personal lives starts with our own company. We’re building the platform and products we believe in – as well as a simpler, more productive and more rewarding workplace.

Our Core Values

The acronym ‘HIFIVES’ is our central unifying set of values and describes our company’s unique personality and performance objectives. It serves as our company compass, team mantra, and decision-making checklist for everything from product development to hiring.








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