Be less stressed.

Relax. Employee retention and engagement? We’ve got you covered. Wallit brings all your workplace wellness and employee recognition needs together in one place.

Its a personalized, automated and cost-effective wellness solution for modern teams in the new flexible working model.


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Bring Wallit to your workplace

Wallit is the first automated, open wellness benefits platform to help meet all your employees physical, mental, and financial health and wellbeing needs all in one place.

With Wallit, organizations provide their employees with the benefits that they really want and need, while aligning the workforce around shared business objectives to achieve business outcomes at the same time.

Where wellness happens

Investing in employees and company culture is essential to the growth of your business.

For all kinds of teams

No matter what department you call home, you can give
your team the wellness benefits they need so they live the life they want.

At all kinds of companies

Wallit works for a wide range of companies—
from software to services and media and manufacturing.

For teams of any size

From large to small, Wallit powers your teams that want
to take wellness into their own hands and to the next level.

Make benefits beneficial

Avoid burnout and improve employee morale.

Zero Administration

With Wallit, employees bring your own card (BYOC) to work. This not only offers superior user experience with flexibility, but also eliminates the administrative burden for your company.

Payment Solutions
Automated Benefits

Wallit connects to employees’ existing debit cards, and then validates purchases in real-time for automated reimbursement.  Select from categories like work from home, food and grocery, health and fitness, financial wellness, learning and development, student loan repayment, family care and more.

More Choice & Control

Wellness means something different to everyone and today’s employee assistance programs don’t cut it.  Employees want more choice and control over their benefits.  Wallit covers every employee regardless of geographic location and works with every brand and retailer across every category, everywhere.


Increase Happiness

Happy workers are more productive.  Better equip your employees, boost team performance, and benefit from greater productivity through a highly customized and personalized benefit solution that shifts from a transactional strategy to a relational one

Simplified benefits to keep you and your workforce happy

Keep your team eating healthy at their favorite local spots.

Category Examples
Food & Grocery and Meal Delivery: Whole Foods, Amazon Prime, Sweetgreens
Help working parents navigate these challenging times with subsidized care.

Category Examples
Child care: Bright Horizons and
Enable your employees to take control of their day-to-day finances.

Category Examples
Student debt repayment: SoFi, Credible, Earnest
Give your team the fuel they need to stay healthy and happy.

Category Examples
Health and Wellness: FitBits, Pelotons, online fitness memberships, virtual workout classes, at-home workout equipment, etc.
Home Office
Ensure your teammates are productive and comfortable at home.

Category Examples
Work from home essentials: Apple, Amazon, Staples
Empower your team’s to personal growth and professional development.

Category Examples
Learning and development: Udemy, Coursera, Lynda

What We Offer Our Partners

Bring your own card (BYOC)
Allowance Manager
Rewards & Recognition
Merchant Marketplace
Automated, Real-time Budgeting
Assign Tasks
Savings Goal Planner
P2P Money Transfers
Task Manager
Admin & Reporting
Charts & Analytics
Advanced Analytics

Let's shape the future of wellness together

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